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Posted on: July 6, 2010

When was it that we grew up? I seemed to have missed that moment. Now here I sit, children upstairs, husband beside me in a beautiful home that I own, clicking away on a computer that I paid for. And I’m grown up…I’m 31 and grown up! Not to be mistaken with evolved. I am ever-evolving, ever-changing. No one can stop changing. When you do, that is when you stop living. I love life! I love my life!

Have purpose each day. Find your purpose in this life. I believe I am doing well with that. I have a strong man of God for a husband. He is amazing, ambitious, gorgeous, successful, and he loves me! He loves everything about me…even my flaws…and there are a lot of them. I have two stepchildren who love God and try hard at what they do (for the most part, but they too will grow). I have a job that I adore and cannot wait to learn more of.

And I have better friends than anyone deserves. Sorry to everyone out there who thinks they have great friends…but mine are better! They just ARE. They make me happy. They make me smile. They make me want to be me. I always want to be around them and I am sad when I am away. I don’t care what we do. Run, shop, eat, drink, just sit and be, but I want to be there to talk, to laugh, to learn, to love. I cherish every moment I have with my girls and I need that. I need them. I don’t know what else I could ask for in my life. I thank God everyday for what I have and wonder what I did to deserve it all.

But then I get my reality check and know that all I did was be born. I was born into a world of pain, of struggle, of suffering, but also a world with beautiful lives and beautiful relationships that allow me to be me and succeed beyond my dreams. To have more than I ever thought possible. Thank you, Jesus, for being there when I thought no one was. Thank you for letting me make my mistakes and never turning your back on me. Thank you for all the gifts I have been given and the mindset to do great things with them.

~Live life, laugh often, love much

originally posted October 2007…


It’s poker night…not for me, but for the men. I sit downstairs, watching a Law & Order marathon, listening to the men of my life upstairs enjoy their manly time together playing poker. My everything, my bestie, my Pastor, and my fisherman (my daughter’s bf was there, too, but had other obligations to attend in the same evening). I would just like to say how very cool it is that I have so many fantastic men in my life. All my life, I have been blessed with incredible men. It started with Daddy, continued with Grandpa, I had a couple sucky ones, met the man of my dreams, and moved on to incredible men of God who truly love life, their family’s and their lives. Surround yourself. God’s love is everywhere you look. It’s up to you to open your eyes to find it. He is blessing you. Can you see it? I hear it. I hear laughter, I hear thoughtfulness, I hear competitiveness, I hear love!

Originally posted December 2009

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